So if you are still following this blog, then you have managed to do something I have not! And that is stick with this blog. I have been busy with graduation, a new job, and writing things for people, and also contributing to YA Highway and in the end, I am not motivated enough to post here on the regular. :(

BUT. I have noticed that I am motivated enough to post on my tumblr on the regular (without capitalization perhaps and while abusing the English language to a frightening extent, but I am posting). So I invite you to follow me on my tumblr (here!). If you do not have a tumblr I urge you to make one because they are fun! But if you would like to save yourself from another avenue of procrastination, I understand and you can always follow me via Feedburner (though this is not an avenue I would recommend? Mostly because tumblr also involves a lot of reblogging and on a good [or bad?] day I can reblog up to fifty things and your feed will be filled with all fifty of those things, in addition to any unique/original content) here. I am also, of course, on twitter and goodreads and you can always shoot me an email!

Thank you guys for sticking with me despite the silences and whatnot. And hopefully I will see many of you on tumblr.
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